Public Housing

Is there Emergency Housing?  No, There is no emergency housing in Monroe County. Everything is based on a waiting list

I have no place to live what do I do?  The first thing you have to do is put in an application so we can place you on the waiting list. We recommend you apply at other apartment complexes within the county, in addition to us.

How long is the Waiting List?  There is no exact way of telling you how long it will take to house you. Several things have to be taken into consideration. For example, how many people are already in front of you on the waiting list and  how many notices we have. We will give you an estimated time at the time you turn in an application.

What do I need to bring with me to do the application? We will need Social Security cards, drivers license and birth certificates for each person.  You will need names, address and phone numbers for previous landlords. You will need Personal References that are not related to you. If you are expecting a child you will need something showing your due date. If you have a checking or savings account you will need to bring in copies of your statements.

Can I have people live or stay with me? Only people listed on the lease are allowed to live in the apartment. You are allowed to have overnight guests 3 nights a month. As a reasonable accommodation live-in aides are allowed, once approved.

How do I get HUD? HUD has several different programs. We only have Public Housing, Public Housing is apartments that we manage. If you are interested in Section 8/Voucher Program for Monroe County contact ETHRA or THDA

Do you do Housekeeping Inspections?  Yes, we are required to do at least one housekeeping inspection per year and will do more if needed. We do expect you to keep a clean and orderly home. Good housekeeping not only enhances your homes appearance but also helps prevent fires and keeps insects and other pests away.

What happems of I fail housekeeping inspections? If your home is dirty, cluttered or poorly attended, you will be warned and reinspected. If the problem continues you will be in violation of your lease and could face eviction.

Can I have a Pet?  A Pet is  allowed as long as a Pet Policy has been completed and you  meet all the requirements. There is a $200.00 deposit for pets.

What is considered a serious lease violation?  Failure to report changes in income or family compsition, destruction of property, poor housekeeping, fighting, and drug use are some examples of serious lease violations and may result in eviction.

What about illegal drug and/or alchol abuse? The Housing Authority will evict any resident who engages in illegal drug use or drug related criminal activity. Residents can also be evicted for alcohol abuse if it adversely affects their neighbors. We will ban any visitors who engage in these things.

Can I pick where I want to live? We have four different complexes. When an apartment comes open we will call and offer it to you. We do not have seperate waiting list for each complex. If you do not want the apartment we offer you can turn it down. You are allowed to turn down two offers. After the second offer you will be moved to the bottom of the list and if you turn down the third offer your application will be deactived and you will need to reapply.

Do I have to pay for Utilities? Yes. You are required to pay your own utility bill. The housing authority will pay for the water up to a certain amount based on the size of the family. Sweetwater Utility Board requires a $300.00 deposit and Fort Loudon Electric for Tellico requires a $315.00 deposit.

Do I have to do Community Service? HUD does require anyone who is not working, going to school, on Family's First, Foodstamps or who is not elderly or disabled to do 8 hours community service per month. If you are required to do community service and fail to do so it could cause a termination of your lease.


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